Seeing the popularity of the FIFA game, we thought of recording reviews of players who have an immense interest in this game and we received mixed reviews which are stated below. Let’s have a look at these…

1. Zawadul Haque suggested some improvements for the game along with the praises.

It’s a fantastic game for some reasons. But it still needs some graphic improvements. First of all, we need a player trading system or purchasing player system for league members. Secondly, we need an optimized head to head gaming because it always lags when playing on a low-end phone. Thirdly, we need a spectator mode where we can spectate live matches played with friends. If we can see these improvements soon, I can assure you that this game will rule the whole Google Play Store.

2. The Sublime 7 has a complaint, not for the game but its connection with the server.

The game’s really good. The graphics are great. The two stars are because of its connection with the server. Even though I have a strong internet connection,(Almost every app and every game that I use, works perfectly with it) the game disconnects you from the server now and then and that isn’t it, Even when it loads without disconnecting you, it buffers a HELL LOT(Even when you open the slightest of things in the game). And plz add commentary. The sad part is, EA doesn’t care 🙁

3. Perfect Bright Corner is all praises for the game with a piece of advice related to one segment of the game.

This game is perfect. I like it a lot. The game controls and others are excellent. But in Head to Head matches the input goes after some time. If I perform a skill move in head to head match, the skill move is performed a bit later. When I am in front of the goalkeeper in a head to head match and swipe to shoot, the player actually shoots when the goalkeeper takes the ball in his hand. So I just have a problem with only head to head matches. 

4. Jason Jones doesn’t seem to be happy with the game.

I’ve spent over 300 dollars on this game. Why do I have to watch ads for stamina? Versus is a joke. Whoever pays most money wins. Why have I spent over 300 dollars and ALWAYS get the lowest player offered every time every single time? If you want a really good player, they cost BIG bucks—fun to play. But I won’t be spending another dime or changing my rating unless you send me a reward to my inbox. I’ve spent too much money to get the least reward possible every single time.

  • 5. Kaushal Shukla is yet another disappointed player from this game.

    I know that EA is not going to read this, but I just wanted to express my disappointment. I don’t know on what basis a 120 over team A gets matched up with 150 over team B. I understand that this is their business strategy to pull more players to pay. But, the least they should do is a matchup should not have a 30+ over the gap between opponents, that doesn’t make any sense. But again, I know that they already have a stable/increasing p2p customer base so they won’t care about f2p players at all.

    6. GGC has a mixed review

    The game is great to play, and I really enjoy it, but there are things in this that annoy me like how you can’t control your players some points making it hard to actually win, the passing can be off quite a bit or at some points when you want to cross the ball in, it passes it in. Another thing is the delay in passing and shooting as it really messes everything up. Besides that, it’s a great game.

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