FIFA is loved for more than one reason, and one of the prominent reasons is the gameplay graphics and if you’re an ardent follower of the game people expect you to know certain things related to the game. 

Here are some fantastic facts about FIFA Mobile that you would love to know. But before that, let us first understand the abbreviations used in the game. These are listed below:

TOTW: Team of the Week

TOTY: Team of the Year

LGMS: League Masters

FB: Flashback (Players)

UFB: Ultimate Flashback (Players)

TH: Team Heroes

GC: Game Changers

DOM: Domination (Event/Player)

Now we will see some essential facts that follow.

  1. You can opt for a current professional in the career mode and then choose for them to retire after which you will see them receive managerial job offers instantly. You can also customise their avatars to look more classy, significantly since a lot of managers have upgraded their appearances in the latest FIFA edition.
  1. One of the fantastic features of the game is the Attack Mode, which is a new way to experience the unlimited possibilities of the game. This asynchronous, turn-based mode makes you stand against other FIFA Mobile players from all over the world.
  1. There is a robot in the game which buys the players and tokens on your behalf that you list. Many players state their items for the same amount on the market as the lowest available item on the market. Since the bot compares all things, it can buy something that might not be good to sell.
  1. FIFA Mobile takes an entirely new approach for the Ultimate Team model. Forget about training items, contracts, or other consumables, as your focus should only be on building a squad that fits your style of playing. Gather a team of 27 positional players, then quickly switch between formations and tactics to field a team that performs outstandingly for your play style. Find and add players with specific statistics boosts to give your side an extra advantage on the pitch.
  1. An added advantage to the game is that the Impact Players might receive an upgrade if they perform well in the match. 
  1. There are unique player cards known as Game Changers which upgrade a certain stat of all players present in your team. However, they also decrease one stat. It can happen players will get a lower overall rating due to this.
  1. You can form Leagues along with your friends and compete against each other Leagues, but you can not play with actual clubs, and you need to create an Ultimate team to compete with other leagues.
  1. One way to improve your squad and unlock impressive rewards is by completing Plans. Every item in FIFA Mobile has a value to it. You can use unwanted items to purchase better items, with new Plans added around the year.


Listed above are some facts and critical points that need to be known by the FIFA lovers out there! I hope you must have learned something new, exciting, and unique by going through this article.

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