FIFA is one of the most popular games by Electronic Arts (EA). To build your team, all you need to do is trade players, complete objectives and win matches. There are certain tricks and tips which could help you in winning games.

In this article, we will learn some of the gaming tricks as well as tips to earn more coins while you’re playing.

  • Always get the coin boosts from the EAS FC Catalogue

You should always make sure to buy all the coins that upgrade your level, and credit balance can get you, as they accumulate and automatically activate the next boost once your current one expires.

  • Some smart moves can help you too

The best FIFA hack to earn free FIFA coins is to press the L1/LB, which lets you control the ball by moving down the ball according to your choice. Another hack is to press the R1/RB down at the same point, which can lock your player down in the direction where he is facing.

  • Complete Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) can earn you packs so that you can easily pull a valuable player. At the start of every FIFA round, there will be sets of Squad Building Challenges puzzles with some in the Advanced category that offer delicious packs. Look for the weekly Marquee Matchups and league-based SBCs which can potentially offer rewards in the face of decent packs.

Always keep all the players you pull from packs and don’t sell them quickly as even the most unusable players may be useful in completing one of the challenges.

  • Knowing your players well serves you well in the game

You need to know your players well if you want to earn more free FIFA coins. To make the most out of your team, you must know the strengths and the weak points of your players well. This would allow you to quickly decide which one is on the pitch and on which position they can perform the best of their abilities.

  • Discarding Consumables as well as selling them would help

Consumable items such as chemistry styles, contracts, and position modifiers could also provide players with a few extra coins. These items are needed to maintain the club, but if you have a few extra, don’t accumulate them. Particularly the gold squad fitness cards and desirable position modifiers such as CF > CAM, can be let out on the trade market for a few thousand coins.

  • The consistent form is necessary

To earn free FIFA coins, you need to keep your performance stable in the game. As there are small-sided matches (like 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5), it is recommended to keep your shape better. Usually, players make a mistake by sending their only defender left on the field. That’s when you give your opponents a chance at the goal.


Given above are all the legal methods of earning coins, and a smart play will always lead to betterment in your game, and we tend to get better at it with each round as well your earnings would also multiply.

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